The Main Causes of Car Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

car breakdownCars are becoming immensely complicated devices that combine a lot of mechanical and electronic components. Out of these components, a lot may go wrong leading to a breakdown that would mean your car needs towing services. Car breakdown is a nightmare that every motorists need to avoid. Many of the reasons leading to car breakdown are easy to avoid, while others are just unfortunate incidences. You are never sure when your car is going to experience a problem.

Today, we are going to focus on the leading causes of car breakdown, and how to avoid these unfortunate incidences.


Running out of Fuel

At one time or the other, many of us might have run out of fuel. It may be that you have left your home in a hurry for a long journey and forgot to check the fuel gauge before hitting the highway. It can also happen that you took a long time by the last time you confirmed on fuel levels. The best way to avoid the fuel menace is to keep fuel tank at least half empty all the time.


Flat Battery

flat batteryA flat battery is a major cause of roadside inconveniences. Drivers who use their cars for short and frequent trips are in danger of this problem. This is because these short trips do not give battery sufficient time to recharge correctly. You can invest in acquiring an intelligent charger to connect your cell and ensure it is always recharged. Also, ensure you don’t leave your headlights running the whole night as doing so drains your battery.



Electrical Problems

Today, electrical issues are becoming very common, especially with the increased complexity controls and switches in vehicles. Basic electrical problems can be fixed by changing the battery, but when the issues goes overboard, it becomes a mechanical issue. To rectify such complex electrical issues, you will need help from a mechanic.


Tyres and Wheels

Issues relating to flat tyres and damages wheels always continue to top the list of problems and inconveniences car owners face. The best way to avoid pulling by the road and changing your wheel is to see if there are adequate trends on your tyres and if there is anyone which is worn out and in need for a replacement. You are also supposed to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned to minimize on all issue of imbalance. Also note that having puncture is inevitable, so ensure that you always have a spare with you.


Why You Need a Business Plan for Your Auto Repair Shop

Business planThe most common headache self-made entrepreneurs face is deciding if they need a business plan or not. The truth of the matter is that a business plan is significantly important if you want to stay on course to achieving your business goals. If you ‘re going to expand your towing or Auto repair business to be more competitive and achieve specific goals, then you need a business plan. In reality, business plans can take a long time to write and also require a significant data to put up, but it is worth all your efforts.

It is important to have a business plan, but it is also imperative to keep it up to date. To write an effective business plan, it doesn’t mean you have to start with a blank sheet of paper. All you need is discipline, time and focus. Here are smart reasons why you need a business plan; Read more…

How to Run a Successful Automotive Repair Shop

Auto_Repair_shopAs long as people rely on cars as their primary form of commuting, there will be plenty of opportunities for tow truck and auto repair business. Getting started in auto business can be both easy or a nightmare. You can get started by establishing your own business or by purchasing an already established one. By acquiring an already established one, you will immediately acquire appropriate equipment and location, as well as experienced employees.

If you are starting an auto business from scratch, you will need to look for a high traffic location, purchase and lease the necessary equipment and hire staff with the right mechanical experience. You will also have to set your ethical standards upfront as many customers are shy to get into an auto business which has no reputation. To successfully run an auto repair shop, and have a steady income, there are specific issues you have to observe strictly. Read more…

4 Warning Signs of a Bad Auto Mechanic

We both agree to the fact that car repairs can be a nuisance. In most cases, these repairs inconvenience us and make us lose valuable time at an auto shop waiting for it to be repaired. Whether you just bought your vehicle a couple of months ago or you’ve owned it for a couple of years, there are times when you have no option than to take it for repairs. What’s most important is to ensure you get quality auto repair service and get value for your money. So, where do you begin? How will you tell if the technician is the right one for the job? How will know if he’s a bad auto mechanic? Here are tips to help you determine the right auto mechanic and stay away from the bad one.

No Mechanic Certification

If you want professional auto repair services, consider working with a certified mechanic. Be sure the mechanic has an ASE certification. Note that this is not a requirement by law in all states across the country. However, it’s one of the prerequisites before one is employed in an auto repair shop. Technicians with this certification have received proper professional training and can deliver quality service. Any mechanic that doesn’t have the certification might not be the right one to work on your vehicle.

Mechanic Doesn’t Offer Warranty

A comm0on mistake made by car owners is hiring an auto technician or an auto shop that doesn’t offer a warranty on the repair services provided. You want to work with a professional who is committed to his work and ready to stand behind his work with a warranty or guarantee. It’s important that you get everything in writing for protection against poor quality work. Don’t settle for a verbal agreement. A warranty should take about ninety days or more.

Pressure Tactics

You get a recommendation from a friend or just find some auto mechanic online, and everything seems fine initially. However, after some time, you realize the guy is pressuring you to get more repairs which were not there in the first place. Remember you met and agreed on where the problem and what needs to be repaired. As soon as you leave, he calls and informs you there are other areas that have problems and they have to be repaired. This could be a technician who doesn’t care about the client. All he wants is money. Avoid such mechanics who use high-pressure tactics to threaten you to pay for extra work that’s not necessary.

Repair Mistakes

Ever paid for professional services only to end up with poor services or improperly done work? Simple mistakes such as forgetting to replace the air filter when changing oil would indicate someone who doesn’t understand what he’s doing. If you’ve worked with a mechanic who made repair mistakes, it’s time to find someone else who will deliver quality services and ensure the work is done safely and efficiently.