Ethical Issues to Consider When Running an Auto shop

Business EthicsIdeally, the number of customers you get in your auto shop significantly depends on how ethical you are in your dealings. People love someone who can deliver according to their expectations and easy to work with. You want people to think of your auto shop as the best in town so that you can boost your income and broaden your customer base. To achieve these goals, there is a need to remain ethical in all the operations of the shop. Here are some of the ethical issues you need to consider.




Provide guarantees

This is probably the best way to show that you stand behind your work. Auto shop owners are afraid of offering guarantees because of the fear that they have done shoddy work. As an ethical auto shop owner, this is one aspect you may need to capitalize on. For instance, if you repair the brakes of a customer’s car, give them some guarantee that in the event the problem recurs within a certain period, you will fix it for free.


Reduce the turnover rate of your employees

In any auto repair shop, it is always important to establish reliability and consistency. However, it is relatively hard to accomplish this mission if you keep on hiring new and inexperienced workers who may not meet the expectations of the customer. Maintain your workforce for as long as possible to build the much-needed rapport with the customer base.


Rewarding loyalty

Customer loyaltyIn nearly every business, some loyal customers stick by you no matter the challenges you have been through. It is always important to reward them in a bid to retain the loyalty. For instance, work for them at discounted prices or provide them with free oil change service. Even though you might at first feel some revenue losses, you should not worry much because there are many long-run benefits. By developing a broad customer base, you will always be sure that work will not dry up. Besides, the chances are high that you will get more referrals from the customers to their friends and family.



Keep your appointments

A significant percentage of auto shop owners lose customers because of their inability to keep appointments. It is always important to be truthful to your customers to avoid frictions with them. For instance, if a person left his car to you and you both agreed that it should be picked after one week, ensure that this appointment is strictly kept. The continuous frustration of your frequent customers increases the chances of them finding an alternative auto shop.


Develop an ethics statement and display it

Before a customer seeks your services, they want to be assured that your auto shop acts ethically. Remember you are dealing with properties worth millions. One of the most effective methods to implement this aspect is to develop an ethics statement and stick it in a prominent and visible place. This leads to increased trust even from the new customers.

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