The Main Causes of Car Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

car breakdownCars are becoming immensely complicated devices that combine a lot of mechanical and electronic components. Out of these components, a lot may go wrong leading to a breakdown that would mean your car needs towing services. Car breakdown is a nightmare that every motorists need to avoid. Many of the reasons leading to car breakdown are easy to avoid, while others are just unfortunate incidences. You are never sure when your car is going to experience a problem.

Today, we are going to focus on the leading causes of car breakdown, and how to avoid these unfortunate incidences.


Running out of Fuel

At one time or the other, many of us might have run out of fuel. It may be that you have left your home in a hurry for a long journey and forgot to check the fuel gauge before hitting the highway. It can also happen that you took a long time by the last time you confirmed on fuel levels. The best way to avoid the fuel menace is to keep fuel tank at least half empty all the time.


Flat Battery

flat batteryA flat battery is a major cause of roadside inconveniences. Drivers who use their cars for short and frequent trips are in danger of this problem. This is because these short trips do not give battery sufficient time to recharge correctly. You can invest in acquiring an intelligent charger to connect your cell and ensure it is always recharged. Also, ensure you don’t leave your headlights running the whole night as doing so drains your battery.



Electrical Problems

Today, electrical issues are becoming very common, especially with the increased complexity controls and switches in vehicles. Basic electrical problems can be fixed by changing the battery, but when the issues goes overboard, it becomes a mechanical issue. To rectify such complex electrical issues, you will need help from a mechanic.


Tyres and Wheels

Issues relating to flat tyres and damages wheels always continue to top the list of problems and inconveniences car owners face. The best way to avoid pulling by the road and changing your wheel is to see if there are adequate trends on your tyres and if there is anyone which is worn out and in need for a replacement. You are also supposed to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned to minimize on all issue of imbalance. Also note that having puncture is inevitable, so ensure that you always have a spare with you.


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